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Overhaul of an extruder reducer with 2 indexed output shafts

Client expectation

Given the importance of the co-extruder in their manufacturing process, a French plasticisation company wished to entrust to us the overhaul of the only reducer they had in stock in order to guard against a possible mechanical breakdown.

DV GROUP Solution

In fact, a breakdown of the co-extruder would systematically lead to the stoppage of half of production and as the lead time for the supply of a new reducer would be extremely long, out client could not afford not to have a product in stock. In order to be totally worry-free regarding the condition of the only reducer they had in stock, it was imperative to overhaul it.


Work carried out

DV GROUP technical solution:

3D printing of the shafts’ clamping matrix:

  • Given the particularity of an extruder reducer with 2 indexed output shafts, we suggested to our client modelling and 3D-printing the shafts’ clamping matrix in order to guarantee their correct positioning during refitting.

Removal/refitting and overhauling of the reducer in the workshop:

  • Visual monitoring of the product
  • Measurement of the axial play in the gearing rows
  • Benchmarking of the bearing references
  • Visual appraisal of tooth spacing (search for the usual signs of deterioration of the teeth)
  • Monitoring of the span of the teeth with an impression of the teeth on scotch tape
  • Removal of the gearing rows
  • Monitoring of the size and geometry of the shaft rows
  • Magnetic particle inspection of the teeth
  • Inspection of the key grooves and connector spokes by bleeding
  • Inspection of the casing size
  • Cleaning of the reducer and gearing rows
  • Reassembly of all the bearings and joints
  • Monitoring and adjustment of the span of the teeth and indexation
  • Adjustment of the axial play in the gearing rows
  • Reassembly of the cover, waterproofing and upper casing

Clients gains and benefits


  • Savings: low cost compared with a new solution
  • Stock: availability of a refurbished reducer in stock
  • Speed: shorter lead time compared with a new solution
  • Trust: establishment of a climate of trust (frequent, on-going exchanges and support from a dedicated DV GROUP contact)


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Case studies

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