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Repair and reliability of drives

Client expectation

A producer of plastic wrapping for packaging based in the Netherlands was looking for a partner to repair and safeguard its variators. Indeed, their pool included many obsolete Simoreg K machines composed of parts which are now difficult to find and are no longer supported by their manufacturer. The producer wished to work with a partner offering quality and long-term repair solutions in order to be totally trouble-free regarding the state of their machine pool and thus safeguard production, but above all a partner offering all-encompassing test protocols perfectly adapted to their process.

DV GROUP solution

Satisfied with our quality of service during a first collaboration on three strategic variators, our client chose to entrust us exclusively with the repair of their obsolete variators. Since 2015, we have processed 121 Siemens Simoreg K modules from 5.7kW to 252kW in our Douvrin workshop.

Work carried out

DV GROUP technical solution:

In order to safeguard its production line, our client works via a system of stock rotation. In this way, in the case of a breakdown on the line, the variators stock was used while we repaired and safeguarded the obsolete modules.

The experts from our electronics agency in Douvrin undertook the repair and full upgrading of the variators:

An overall check of the product: rust, pollution, plastics processing, chassis, settings etc.

  • Replacements:
  • Of the power components
  • Of the ventilators
  • Of the relays, auxiliaries
  • Of the electro-chemical capacitors
  • Of the thermal grease, in order to ensure correct cooling of the module
  • On the 6RA2216: systematic replacement of the thyristors


  • Checks and tests:
  • Of the low-level supplies (+24 + 10)
  • Of the current balances on the entry phases
  • Of the motor current
  • Of the excitation current
  • Of the excitation regulator (deexcitation)
  • Of the thyristor openings
  • Of the 4 quadrants (motor / generator) operation
  • Of the closed-loop/open-loop operation
  • Of the command logic
  • Of the analogue reference and analogue feedback
  • On the digital variators: verification of accessibility and safeguarding of the settings
  • Of the current reading
  • Of the ventilator and turbine (rotation, noise, vibration, direction)

Following all these services, the variator underwent a 12-hour dynamic load test and counter-measuring with a robot in order to guarantee the product’s operation.

For the 6RA2216, our experts implemented a specific test procedure in order to be perfectly in compliance with the client’s configuration.

Lastly, we carried out the final logistical checks (cleanliness, condition or the terminals, plastification etc.) before sending the products to our client.

Clients gains and benefits


  • Machine stock once again reliable
  • Provision of a full solution adapted to their process: full update, development of a specific test procedure, special packaging etc.
  • Extension of the lifespan of electronic products
  • Gain in productivity: no loss of production
  • Establishment of a climate of trust: frequent exchanges and support from a dedicated DV GROUP contact in the client’s language



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Case studies

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