Sales assistant

Floriane - 29 years

photo collaborateur

What professional journey have you followed?

I started with DV GROUP in 2012, just after having obtained a BTS qualification as an engineering technical assistant. Since then, I have been working in a role as a Sales Assistant on the Cambrai site.

What are the tasks of a DV GROUP Sales Assistant?

 I have many, diverse and varied tasks:

  • Managing incoming telephone calls
  • Managing clients’ estimates and orders, suppliers’ consultations and orders and appraisal reports
  • Reception of parcels into the workshop
  • Creation of reference numbers linked to incoming products in the workshop

Which part of your job do you like best?

Without hesitation, the variety of tasks.

I also like discovering the various client processes and discovering the way in which some projects are carried out!

How would you describe the atmosphere at work?

There’s a very friendly atmosphere and fluid communication with all my colleagues.

What was your dream job?

A long time ago, I wanted to be a professional cavalryman in the Republican Guard.

Why the industrial sector?

It’s a sector that interests me because I find it very extensive. It’s not limited to just one activity. We therefore have clients who are very different from one another.

Have you encountered any issues as a woman in the industrial sector?

I sometimes came up against difficulties at the beginning, but I was easily able to overcome them! In addition, industry is a sector of activity in which there are more and more women!

What would you say to someone who wanted to join DV GROUP?

DV GROUP is a good company to work for, where all colleagues listen closely to one another. There are many advantages and, in particular, prospects for development, with the support you need.