Manager of the Sarreguemines Electromrchanical Site

Thomas - 28 years

photo collaborateur

When did you join DV GROUP and what is your role within the company ?

I joined DV GROUP in March 2014 as a Predictive Technician. Since then, I have involved and so has my role. Currently, I am in charge of the Electromrchanical site in Sarreguemines. I insure the contact with other departments, I contribute to the site’s development and support the teams.


What are you the most passionate about in your job ?

What passionnates me the most about my job is the diversity of tasks. I particularly enjoy the mix of technical aspects, manual work, and the day to day organization and management of the site. I also like the relationship with customers, as it enables me to understand their needs and to respond to them as effectively as possible.


Tell us about your path to becoming Site Manager. What experiences or training helped you to reach this position ?

I did a DUT (Industrial Engineering and Maintenance), which gave me a global vision of the maintenance covering mechanics, electricity, hydraulics and many other fields. And then, I continued my studies with a degree in Advanced Maintenance Techniques, with the aim to specializing in condition-based and mechanical maintenance. These tree years of work-study, within a boiler-making company, enabled me to acquire technical skills and consolidated my career choice.

My carrer then took me to DV GROUP as a Predictive technician. Thanks to a complete training, support from the technicians and the confidence of my managers, I was soon able to work independently at our customers’ sites.

In my opinion, my experience as a technician played a key role to access to my current position. During our assignments, we find ourselves alone in front of customers, and therefore directly confronted with their problems, although always supported from a distance by our coworkers. As a young technician, this responsibility quickly pushes us to become autonomous and to develop a great organization in our work.


How do you work with other DV GROUP BU’s ? And in what context ?

We often collaborate with all departments, and the contact is very easy. For example, in order to provide the best possible response to our customer’s needs, daily exchanges with the sales department are ssential. This enables to create a real support for our customers. We also have regular exchanges with the administrative departments. The distance between the different agencies and departments has been facilitated by internal network, and Teams makes collaborations easier and more dynamic. Viva Engage enable us to communicate on the successes of other departments / sites, and to spread important HR and marketing information, it strengthen team cohesion.


What values or principles guide your work as a manager ?

I share the company’s values : TRUST and EXCELLENCE. Trust towards our teams and employees, and excellence towards our customers.


What sets DV GROUP apart from other companies, and why do you think it is a good idea to join DV GROUP ?

What distinguishes DV GROUP from other companies is its dynamism, the stimulating challenges it offers and the trust it places in the realization of various projects. The opening of the Sarreguemines site is a good example.