Manager of the Douvrin motion - electronics site

Vincent - 45 years

photo collaborateur

How long have you been with DV GROUP and what has been your journey?

At the time, I had the impression that everything happened very quickly! I had an interview during the morning on 13 July 2002 and in the afternoon I was already starting my job as an electronics engineer! I immediately felt very well integrated into DV GROUP (on my first Friday evening, I had already been invited to a barbecue with the robot engineers and electricians!) I was very quickly offered onsite interventions, on the clients’ premises. So I picked up the boss’s tool box! What I enjoyed in these interventions was their diversity. It’s true that finding out about a different manufacturing process every day is very interesting.

What does the job of a site manager involve? What are the indispensable qualities for being a good manager?

My main task is developing the site. I therefore have to identify potential clients, assess their needs and satisfy them by developing our skills in new product ranges, training our specialists and continually improving our expertise. But as manager, I’m at the head of a team of around fifteen people. Listening and caring are therefore the best qualities that a manager can have.

 How did you become a site manager? Why this choice?

I had already been the deputy site manager for several years and when I was offered the job of site manager, I accepted without hesitation. On the one hand, the project was very interesting and on the other, I’m someone who likes accepting a challenge!

What are the important aspects to take into account for working in the industrial sector?

For me, there are two important aspects:

– Means, technology and technical excellence

– Relationships with clients and suppliers. Here, we talk about trust in our relationships.

What major challenge have you encountered during your career?

The inauguration of the Douvrin building with the organisation of “DV days”. In fact, the timing was very tight! But obviously, we met the challenge and everything was ready on time!

How do you see your professional future?

With technological progress, our clients are going to need to secure their production tools more and more. They will then need turnkey solutions; from stock management to 24/7 intervention, all orchestrated by 4.0 means. There will therefore be a lot to do, but I love a challenge!


In spite of the changes around the industry, DV GROUP has been able to retain a warm family soul with strong values of TRUST and EXCELLENCE.

Any advice for a “future you”?

If I had to give one piece of advice, I would say that the key is taking the problem of the person you’re dealing with into account, while wanting to resolve his or her problem in an efficient way.