Predictive control technician

Landry - 30 years

photo collaborateur

What is your job?

I’m a Predictive Control Technician and a member of the Control Department. My main task is to intervene with our clients in the PACA/Occitanie region and to carry out Predictive Monitoring services such as vibrational analysis, infrared thermography, shock wave tests, endoscopy or network analysis etc. My second task is to analyse the data gathered during these operations. I draw up detailed reports highlighting signs of failure and deterioration in the equipment. These reports allow our clients to see an analysis of the situation and to schedule maintenance operations.

How does someone become a Predictive Control Technician?

My journey is quite atypical! In fact, I have a BTS qualification in energy and the environment (fluid and energy systems maintenance and management) and a degree in the conduct and management of energy projects in the construction field. After my first post as a Project Manager where my work consisted in supporting small towns in the Lyon region in the energy rehabilitation of various buildings, I decided to go back to school and make a shift towards electrotechnics. After my Baccalaureate examination, I realised that my unusual journey appealed to a lot of companies. This is how I arrived at DV GROUP five years ago as a Predictive Control Technician!

Describe your typical day

Within the context of a day’s intervention, the first thing I do on arriving with the client is to check the environment. I carry out the service and then have a debriefing with the client in order to give him my first comments. Following that, I analyse the data gathered during the intervention and draw up a detailed report highlighting critical points for each piece of equipment checked. On average, one day’s intervention with the client represents one day of analysis and writing up reports.

How did you settle in as a Predictive Control Technician at DV GROUP?

When I arrived at DV GROUP five years ago, I didn’t really have any knowledge of the industrial sector. I therefore particularly enjoyed being trusted and, above all, that I was given the means to succeed this new task by the company offering me an intensive 3-month training course. My colleagues have always been there and have taken the time to explain the ropes of the profession to me.

Can you cite 3 skills required for this profession?

Curiosity, as it’s a profession where we are required to intervene with a great variety of clients and equipment, so it’s indispensable to be curious, to find out the maximum amount of information about the industrial processes and environments in which we work. Then adaptability, because we have to be 100% available and reactive for our clients and even for unexpected emergencies. Finally thoroughness, which for me is an indispensable skill for all professions.

What do you like most about your work?

What I enjoy most is supporting clients: responding to their needs, solving their problems and ensuring that their production takes place in the best way is a very satisfying feeling. Then, what I enjoy in my job is discovering new things every day, particularly the manufacturing processes of everyday products and objects!

What made you want to start a career in industry?

I arrived in industry a little by chance as following my first professional experience in the energy and environmental sectors, I wanted to give myself a challenge in some way by shifting towards electrotechnics and then accepting the post as Predictive Control Technician with DV GROUP. I don’t regret my choice!