Electrotechnical project leader

Aymeric - 42 years

photo collaborateur

What do you do?

I’m the Electrotechnical Project Leader in the DV GROUP Engineering Design Office! The Project Leader is often compared to the conductor of an orchestra. From our client’s request onwards, I brief the teams on drawing up plans and the development of the robotics and I work on the drive development. I then lead the workshop manufacture and particularly the platform part with the control technicians. I undertake the on-site supervision and implementation at our client’s location. I’m responsible for the technical part of the project and also the planning and budget. In fact, as Electrotechnical Project Leader, I’m the only one who has an overall view which allows me to direct the team in their day-to-day work. My job is all-encompassing and varied!

How do you become an Electrotechnical Project Leader?

I have a BTS MAI (an HND in industrial mechanics and robotics). After my first experience working in a paper mill, I chose to apply to DV GROUP for a job as an electrician. Four years later, our design office made a post available as a Project Manager in electro techniques and I seized the opportunity! I have particularly enjoyed the fact that I’m trusted and allowed to evolve.

Over the years, the company has grown, the design office has developed and I’ve been able to evolve towards the position of Electrotechnical Project Leader. I’ve now been with DV GROUP for 19 years and I still enjoy what I’m doing just as much!

What tools do you use every day?

We use a lot of computer software in the Engineering design office, but given that I mainly work with Siemens products, my two favourite tools are Sizer and Starter. Sizer is a sizing program which allows you to configure drives in the Sinamics range. As for Starter, it’s used to program and configure Sinamics or Micromaster speed controllers.

Whatever the project, the watchwords are always “client application” in all the preliminary stages in the workshop (pre-assembly, programming, trials etc.). This means that we do everything we can to get as close as possible to the client’s existing installation.

What are the challenges and difficulties of this job?

It’s imperative in our professions to meet deadlines and to pay attention to the schedule drawn up and validated at the beginning of each project. In industry, our clients plan technical stoppages for the maintenance of their machines and have production demands, so we have to pay attention to these in order to give them complete satisfaction.

More personally, regarding my journey with DV GROUP and my own evolution, I’ve needed a little time to adapt to the new assignments in these new positions, but I’ve always been able to count on my colleagues and superiors who have always taken the time to train me and explain all the specifics. I’ve really appreciated it!

Is there a particular trait or talent for following this profession?

Thoroughness, without hesitation! I have to work on complex projects every day which have real implications for our clients. It’s therefore imperative to be thorough in all aspects, whether that’s paying attention to the budget, time management, implementation etc.

There’s no secret: for this job, you have to be motivated and enjoy what you do.

What do you like most about your work? With DV GROUP?

What I like most is the relationship with clients and particularly with my peers. I’m really passionate about what I do and I find it very interesting and stimulating to be able to have technical discussions on complex projects with big implications.

And finally, it’s the trust that I enjoy most in DV GROUP, the trust which has allowed me to evolve and which I’m continually given with each project. It’s very rewarding! Trust is a very gratifying feeling.

What made you want to start a career in industry?

I chose to go towards industry thanks to my father, who was passionate about it and helped me to explore this quite particular world. After my Baccalaureate exam, I studied for a BTS MAI (an HND in industrial mechanics and robotics).

Following my studies, I realised that I enjoyed working with electricity and electro techniques and I wanted to give myself a sort of challenge by applying for a job as an Electrician with DV GROUP. Nineteen years later and I’m still a member of the team and I’m proud of my journey with the company!