Technical assistant

Aymeric - 39 years

photo collaborateur

Can you explain to us what your job is about?

I’m a Technical Assistant and my role is to respond to client emergencies. Depending on their problems, I direct them to intervention, repair or Hotline SUPPORT. I then carry out a costing and proceed with organising all the logistics. To do that, I check that we have the necessary equipment, I identify the technicians available and I organise the transport. In the majority of cases, I call a courier to pick up from and return the equipment to our clients. And that all happens in record time from my office in Douvrin!

What made you want to start a career in industry and how did you become a Technical Assistant?

I’ve been interested in electricity and electronics since childhood. I discovered physics at secondary school and that’s when I understood that that was what I wanted to do later on. I continued my schooling and, logically, studied for a BTS qualification in electro-techniques and then took a degree in sales because I was sure that both of these hats would open doors for me and that’s what’s happened! Ten years ago, I started working with DV GROUP as a Sales Assistant. As the Group has evolved, the Technical Assistance Department has developed considerably. Within this context, the Manager of the Electronics Department invited me to come and strengthen the team. I seized the opportunity! I have particularly enjoyed the fact that I’m trusted, allowed to develop my skills and above all that I have been offered this job which covers everything I was looking for.

What do you like most about your work? With DV GROUP? 

What I like most is the technical side. I’m really enthusiastic about what I do!  I like to find solutions to help our clients out in an emergency, which is a breakdown in the majority of cases. I find that very stimulating. Then what I enjoy enormously at DV GROUP is the trust people have in me. Trust because I’m allowed to work totally independently and also because I’ve been allowed to develop and obtain the post I currently have. It’s very rewarding!

What are the main challenges of this job?

In industry, a production stoppage can lead to big losses: losses of raw materials which can’t be stored for health reasons, disorganised logistics (lorries, barges, trains etc.), penalties linked to delivery delays to clients etc. Whether it’s a production line or a complete factory which has been stopped, my role is to reduce to a minimum the factory stoppage time, which involves thousands of euros of losses for our clients.

In your opinion, what skills do you need to have to do this job?

One of the most important skills to master is getting on with people. What I mean by that is knowing how to reassure our clients, who are under enormous pressure, and to show them that DV GROUP will do what’s necessary to help them. Then, it’s fundamental to have real technical knowledge because I have to make the right decisions in record time and, for that, perfectly understand the products, processes etc. And finally, you have to be rigorous and organised in order to be able to set up all the necessary resources.

What advice would you give to young people who want to work in industry?

The best advice I’ve ever been given and which I also give is to take advantage of other people’s experience and be patient. Qualified experts have rich experience and therefore are able to share it with the new generation to train them and give them another point of view. Listening to experienced people, being patient and persevering are for me the keys to success in this field.

Has any particular experience made an impression on you?

One of the experiences which made the biggest impression on me was when I had to organise an emergency intervention on the island of La Réunion right in the middle of the “gilets jaunes” protests and the national holiday on 14 July. Logistically, it was very complicated as there were no hotels or cars available and the protests were stopping traffic on the island, but DV GROUP doesn’t know the meaning of impossible! The 4-day intervention went well and our technician finally got our client’s variators back into service and the client was able to restart production within the deadline set.