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Pilot your production tool via data with one objective: EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE

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To better control productivity, energy, maintenance and the quality of your industrial sites, DV GROUP offers you its innovative SMART solutions. They combine advice, support and monitoring solutions in order to identify, analyse and make your data speak for itself.

SMART are powerful, flexible, simple and scalable operational levers for excellence which respond to your challenges.

Reduce your energy bill and environmental impact : Energy & data

SMART ENERGY is DV GROUP’s software solution which will allow you to have a complete view of your site’s energy consumption. You can monitor your consumption of:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Temperature
  • Air
  • And the quality of your network.

With our modular, agile, scalable SMART ENERGY solution, you can:

  • Significantly reduce your energy consumption (5 to 10%, according to the ADEME model)
  • Set up efficient energy steering for your production equipment
  • Define and monitor your energy performance indicators (EPI)
  • Take advantage of partial or total financing for this type of project, thanks to EDF’s EEC mechanisms
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations, such as the Tertiary Decree.

The operational optimising of your installation : Maintenance & data

“Data silos” are conditional maintenance data (for example, vibrations and ultrasounds) and process data (for example, flow, pressure or temperature) can be combined to obtain a better detectability of failure modes which can be difficult to detect, which leads to an earlier and more efficient alarm.

SMART TECHNIC, notre vertical qui analyse les données process/maintenance en temps réel, associé à notre expertise en système d’entrainement (maintenance moteur, maintenance drive et maintenance du système entrainé vous permet de :

  • Increase machine availability: thanks to precise knowledge of the machine’s stoppage time and also restarting time, it is possible to anticipate reducing maintenance time (this is scheduled and controlled) and to limit impact on production.
  • Anticipate stock management: this need is particularly present when parts to be stored are expensive or the wait for their replacement can be lengthy.
  • Migrate towards conditional or predictive maintenance: industrial teams can then intervene at a key moment (request from the machine or a suspected problem) in order to avoid breakdowns and to optimise maintenance costs.





We determine your objectives



Defining the level of output, who is the data for and who will it be of use to?



– Infrastructure: On the premises or hosted

– Database: local (Edge) or network (Cloud)

– Secure: cybersecurity, Orange Cyberdefence approved

– Scaled: IA integration





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