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X-FAB : Replacement of two extractor fans

Client expectation

X-FAB (Corbeil-Essonnes) specializes in advanced technologies for the processing of analogue and mixed signals The company produces electronic components varying from 1.0 to 0.13 micrometers using advanced modular processes.

The company has two extractor fans (AV3 / LN355LL 82 – 400 kW) which need to be replaced. One of them is actually broken and the second refurbished. For this purpose, X-FAB has asked us to remove and refit the products.

DV GROUP Solution

The extractors fans allow for operation of a functional circuit in the building’s clean room. They prevent impurities from entering the room, thus allowing it to be sterile.

The fans are positioned on the roof of the building, so a suitable solution must be found for their safe removal. There are two possible options:

  • The installation of a giant crane with a 40m jib.
  • The use of an AS 350 Squirrel helicopter

We decided to choose the helicopter because the solution is more economical and quicker.

The removal of the extractor fans is done in several stages:

  • Motor disconnection (Omec: OMT1 IE2 25 M4 and ALMO (Sermes motorization): SM3 225 MC4 LL NS PTC)
  • Dismantling the cable channel
  • Disconnecting the extractor ventilator flanges (chimney side)
  • Disconnecting the suction flange from the extractor fan
  • Replacing the shock absorbers
  • Replacement of the 2 extractor fans with a new fan and a refurbished one that the company has in stock

After removal, the extractors fans were taken for subsequent inspection in our workshops.

X-FAB : Replacement of two extractor fans


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