Casi studio 11 September 2023

Preventive maintenance of Siemens Masterdrives

Client expectation

Our client contacted us within the context of the preventive maintenance of 3 SIEMENS Masterdrives. These controlled and ensured the volume and water pressure necessary for our client’s production. However, these drives had not been maintained for several years and the manufacturer had stopped offering after-sales service for them. In addition, the client did not have any spare drives in stock.

DV GROUP Solution

A DV GROUP expert visited our client to carry out the preventive maintenance of two of the three drives. The condensators on the intermediary circuit were replaced, dust removed and the drives were tested. Two weeks later, we recommissioned these two drives and dismantled the third drive. In January, we finished the preventive maintenance with the commissioning of the last drive.

Work carried out

  • Disassembly and re-assembly of three 150 kW Siemens Masterdrives at the client’s site.
  • Shipping of the drives to Metz; preventive maintenance with the replacement of the intermediate circuit condensators.
  • Monitoring and assistance at the start-up of the installation


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