Casi studio 29 August 2023

Obsolescence of the oven’s 7 CC ALSTHOM drives

Client expectation

The obsolescence of the oven’s 7 CC ALSTHOM drives, leading to the unavailability of spare parts, was making maintenance and repair impossible.

Our client therefore wished to replace these drives.

DV GROUP Solution

We suggested the following solution to our client:

  •  A preliminary analysis of the curve of currents used on each movement
  •  The replacement of the drive managing both motors simultaneously by two new drives, maintaining synchronisation.
  •  The implementation of continuous current MP 4 quadrant drives, which would be long-term and maintainable over time
  •  The creation of turntables in the workshop in order to minimise intervention time and the replacement of all the electro-technical equipment, including loop contactors

Implementation of 8 drives from 350A to 825A, 4-quadrant technology

Replacement of the ultra rapid contactors to break the loops

Preparation for network connection with the oven’s monitoring system

Analogue steering following this, at the client’s request

Work carried out

  • Electro-technical design
  • Electrical diagrams under See Electrical
  • Creation of 6 solid-bottomed sheet base frames
  • Removal of the electrical cupboards
  • Fitting of the new base frames
  • Commissioning
  • Training
Implementation of 8 drives from 350A to 825A, 4-quadrant technology


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