Casi studio 14 November 2023

Obsolescence Management: Audit of a Truck Engine Factory’s Equipment Fleet

Client expectations

Our client is a truck engine manufacturer. They need to ensure the maintainability of the equipment fleet in their 11L engine manufacturing plant for the next 5 years. However, their equipment is aging. Therefore, our client aims to refurbish their drive system and wishes to have technical assistance for equipment monitoring.

DV GROUP Solutions

We conduct an audit to determine the solutions to be implemented:

  • Evaluate the SIMODRIVE equipment fleet and consider maintainability solutions (inventory and methods).
  • Diagnostic of the 800KW Large Drive inverter with targeted maintainability action plan.

Based on these analyses and diagnostics, we then propose a maintenance plan to our client.

Work carried out

  • Audit of compact and large drives
  • Supply of equipment for the client’s inventory.
  • Rotation of 63 drives with inventory for workshop revision.
  • DV GROUP Hotline support for re-production, troubleshooting and parameter backup
  • Complete overhaul of the 800KW during the technical shutdown on the power, cooling, signal, and control functions


Vi forniamo soluzioni di ingegneria, manutenzione e controllo basate sulla nostra conoscenza dei vostri processi.

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