Interview with Mr Luchart, director of photogravure site at Lenglet

Testimonials 25 August 2023

What is your role within the LENGLET Gravure Group?

I am the director of the photogravure site. Photogravure printing is the most highly industrialised printing process. Our site has a surface area of 48,000m², with a production capacity of around 800 tonnes of printed paper per day.

What do your tasks within this group involve?

As factory director, I co-ordinate all the company’s production activities, while organising technical and human resources and ensuring quality.

Why did you choose to invest in the retrofitting of the drives of your solvent recuperation units? What were your initial requirements?

For us, the goal was to reduce our electricity consumption while guaranteeing the reliability of our drive park.

Could you tell me about your energy reduction approach?

We began an approach to reduce our energy consumption several years ago. The current context has simply accelerated our projects and made us more vigilant.

“Discussions were simple and fluid, regarding both technical aspects and commercial ones.”


Director of photogravure site at Lenglet

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At the start, why did you choose to become involved in this approach? What are your challenges?

In high consuming companies like ours, reducing energy consumption is one of your day-to-day priorities, for both economic and environmental reasons. We’re constantly looking for improvements for all our equipment, both processes and utilities.

Why did you choose DV GROUP for this project?

From our first discussions, I felt DV GROUP was highly engaged in this subject. Indeed, you were able to offer us a turnkey project, from the design phase to the steps for obtaining the EEC EDF bonus (energy savings certificate). Feeling our supplier is involved and close to us in setting up this project naturally creates efficient collaboration.

In addition, we had already had the opportunity of working with you for maintenance operations. With this project to reduce our energy consumption, we discovered another facet of DV GROUP, the 360° integrator.

 How did the various phases and exchanges go with DV GROUP?

Discussions were simple and fluid, regarding both technical aspects and commercial ones. 

If you had to draw one conclusion from our collaboration, what would it be?

Thanks to DV GROUP, the data regarding our electricity consumption is now correlated to our production data. This allows us to have pertinent, reliable indicators which are an integral part of our decision-making process.

It’s a successful collaboration which is certainly going to lead to further projects. DV GROUP has been able to advise us and suggest others areas for improvement, which has opened the doors to a sustainable collaboration.


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