Cross interview between Ineo Sense and DV GROUP : Thomas Lejal and Wilfried Berqué

Testimonials 29 January 2024

Efficient energy management is a major issue in the industrial sector, playing a crucial role in both economic and environmental terms. Industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy, and optimising its use is essential to reducing operating costs while minimising the carbon footprint.

To answer these economic, ecological and regulatory challenges, DV GROUP has developed SMART ENERGY, a solution that provides a complete overview of energy consumption on sites. This makes it possible to establish energy performance indicators in order to monitor and optimise equipment, while evaluating energy savings. It was as part of this solution that we chose to integrate the Ineo-Sense sensors.

Thomas LEJAL, Director of Development at Ineo-Sense, and Wilfried BERQUÉ, Energy Business Manager at DV GROUP, talk about our collaboration.

Could you briefly introduce your companies?

Thomas LEJAL : Ineo-Sense is SME based in Nîmes specialized in devices for a range of industrial and tertiary applications. These include energy efficiency, maintenance, geolocation of goods and people and process security. A leading player in the field of embedded electronics applied to LPWAN technologies since 2010, and a member of French Tech and French Fab, Ineo-Sense is committed to the France 2030 future investment plan


WILFRIED BERQUÉ : Founded almost 60 years ago, DV Group is the European specialist in ENGINEERING, MAINTENANCE and CONTROL. Our core business is to deploy and manage ambitious industrial projects for our customers in a wide range of sectors: food processing, metallurgy, automotive, etc. We are now moving towards 4.0 integration by supporting our customers in the challenges of digital transformation in existing plants, lines and machines. The 4.0 integrator has a real status recognised by the State and supported by Gimelec and French Fab, around the electro-digital sector. These companies design and deploy electrical and digital technologies to control energy and processes.


How did the partnership between DV GROUP, a solutions integrator, and Ineo-Sense, a designer and manufacturer of intelligent sensors, come about ?


THOMAS LEJAL : Our IoT solutions are integrated with software to measure energy consumption and optimise equipment use. By working with specialist integrators, we are exploiting the full potential of our technology. DV GROUP, combining expertise in industrial maintenance and mastery of IoT technologies, is the ideal partner for energy performance and connected maintenance.


WILFRIED BERQUÉ : Our industrial customers have to respond to new economic, technological, environmental, societal and organisational challenges. The ecological transition and the reduction of the environmental footprint represent major challenges for them. To help them manage better productivity, energy, maintenance and quality at their industrial sites, we have developed innovative SMART solutions. They combine advice, support and monitoring solutions to identify, analyse and make data speak for itself. SMART ENERGY is the software solution that provides a complete overview of the energy consumption of production sites. We chose to integrate Ineo-Sense sensors, which are manufactured in France and offer a major advantage thanks to the universality of their communication protocol.


“DV GROUP, combining expertise in industrial maintenance and mastery of IoT technologies, is the ideal partner for energy performance and connected maintenance.”

Mr Lejal

Director of Development at Ineo-Sense

How do you work together, and what is the strength of this collaboration?


THOMAS LEJAL : The strength of our collaboration lies in the complementary nature of our expertise. DV GROUP orchestrates the installation and configuration of our solutions, generating accurate data integrated on a dedicated software platform. Daily exchanges between our teams ensure a high level of support in meeting the challenges of optimising industrial energy consumption. With DV GROUP, we work with experts who are perfectly familiar with the issues faced by manufacturers. This alchemy between technology and business expertise is the driving force behind our shared success.


WILFRIED BERQUÉ : I agree with Mr Lejal. The synergy between our expertise and our knowledge of our customers’ processes, combined with Ineo-Sense technology, means that we can offer our customers an integrated solution, from the software solution with the installation of sensors, to the feedback of information, right through to monitoring and improvement with our energy managers. Our collaboration is the ideal answer to our customers’ energy management needs. 

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