Interview with Mr Lagorce, curative/preventive maintenance service manager at R. Bourgeois

Testimonials 11 September 2023

Mr Lagorce, could you tell us about R. Bourgeois and your role within the company?

R. Bourgeois is a group specialising in the production and supply of rotor and stator magnetic circuits for industries working in electric motors, generators and transformers. We mainly work for the automotive industry, which represents more than 50% of our turnover, and also for industries making pumps, ventilation units, power tools, electrical appliances and even lifts.

I am the Maintenance Service Manager and my role is to keep the machine stock in good condition, reduce the rate of breakdowns and improve processes. For that, I’m supported by a team of 27 technicians and, of course, exterior partners.

We’ve been working on engineering, maintenance and monitoring for several years now. Why did you choose to work with us?

Quite right, we’ve been working together for exactly 6 years now! At first, we called on your services within the context of emergency repairs (repairs to variators, refurbishment of motors etc.). During these first operations, you demonstrated your professionalism and involvement, as well as your reactivity, so it was logical to entrust you with other projects.

Like any Maintenance Manager, one of my jobs is to improve processes and consequently to set up a strategy for developing our production tools.

Can you tell us about these various engineering projects? What did they involve?

Several years ago, we encountered some difficulties in relation to the obsolescence of equipment on our epoxy manufacturing line. We really needed to find a solution. Following discussion with our Business Manager Laurent Tavernier, we decided to re-think the machine system using new equipment. We chose therefore to retrofit all the robots in the Siemens S5 range on the line (with an Interbus network) with the S7 range.

Then we outsourced the retrofitting of the line robot, as well as that of the drainage of our slitting line. Once again, we encountered some difficulties linked to the obsolescence of the robots and, for the sake of the uniformity of the park, we decided to go over to the Siemens S7 range.

Given the size of these two projects, we called on DV GROUP, in whom we have complete confidence. Moreover, your teams are currently working on a third project: the retrofitting of the security robot on this same line.

“I’m extremely satisfied with our collaboration and I can’t wait to continue to maintain, develop and improve my machine park with DV GROUP.”

Mr Lagorce

Curative/preventive maintenance service manager at R. Bourgeois

What have our engineering solutions brought you?

That’s simple: we no longer have any problems! We know about and can control the equipment put in place. Our breakdown rate has considerably decreased and during rare breakdowns, we’re able to solve the problem in record time. I’m extremely satisfied with our collaboration and I can’t wait to continue to maintain, develop and improve my machine park with DV GROUP.



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