Interview with Bruno Richard, methods and maintenance manager at AMTE – Augé Microtechnic Group

Testimonials 08 September 2023

Mr Richard, could you tell us about AMTE and the specificity of your production site?

The Augé Microtechnic Group is a family group based in the department of Franche-Comté, heirs to a tradition of clock and watch-making. The group has developed expertise in cutting (stamping and multi-slide press machines), over moulding, injection moulding, the production of sub-units, slitting, finishing raw materials, tribofinishing and heat treatment. What makes us unique is our ability to offer customised solutions, particularly through the use of various combined technologies. We support our clients (automotive, electrical equipment, aeronautics etc.) through each phase of their project and we also design and manufacture cutting tools, injection moulds and over moulds. The group is located in France, Tunisia and Romania, reflects an environmentally-friendly ethic and is IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


What is your role within AMTE?

I’m a Methods and Maintenance Manager and my role is to take part in improving tool production and the efficiency of the maintenance service. In particular, this is through the implementation of a preventive and predictive maintenance policy, piloting the project to improve our tools with respect to costs and deadlines and the management of technical stoppages and programmed maintenance. For this, I’m surrounded every day by a team of 10 people and trusted partners, including DV GROUP.

“You have technical solutions and offer innovative solutions; you’re available, autonomous and committed, it’s obvious that we will continue to trust you!”

Bruno Richard

Methods and maintenance manager at AMTE – Augé Microtechnic Group

We’ve been working together in Engineering, Maintenance and Monitoring for 9 years. Why did you choose to trust us?

Indeed, we’ve been working with you for 9 years in all your business areas! We trust you with the repair of our AC-CC variator, overhauling and rewinding, as well as your vibration analysis services on our motors. Also, within the context of the modernisation of our machines, we collaborate on various retrofitting projects. We use quite specific equipment and have highly advanced projects, so it’s important for us to work with a single partner able to respond to our problems. In addition, with the large amount of work my team has, we were looking for a trusted partner offering key-in-hand services. Now, you know our sites and machines, you have technical solutions and offer innovative solutions; you’re available, autonomous and committed, so why change? You no longer have to make your reputation within our company and it’s obvious that we will continue to trust you!


Some time ago, you asked for our help with an Engineering project. Could you tell us a little more about it?

Like lots of industries, one of our main challenges is the modernisation of our production tools with the aim of producing more, within shorter time frames, in a more secure way and with increased quality. We have been working with your design office for 5 years to bring about these modernisation projects. The last one concerned the retrofitting and safety works on a splitting line, with the aim of proceeding with the electrical retrofit of the installation in order to remedy the problem of the overall obsolescence of our equipment and to prescribe and integrate safety elements according to current standards. Unsurprisingly, your team did a great job!

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