Technical and commercial engineer

Mickaël - 35 anni

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When did you join DV GROUP? What’s your job?

I joined the company in 2007 as an office salesperson. As part of the job during this time, I did estimates and quotes for the sales force in the North as well as telephone marketing. Then, I became a technical and commercial engineer, and so I began travelling to different areas: the Ardennes, Picardy, Cambrésis and Valenciennois. At the present time, I am developing Avesnois, Maubeugeois and part of Wallonia.

Can you explain to us the role of the Technical and Commercial Engineer?

The main role of the Technical and Commercial Engineer is to respond to customer requests, promote the group’s activities and build partnerships. To this end  I have developed an action plan in line with the management’s business strategy. My duties vary from marketing, arranging appointments, visiting the customer, cost estimates, site management, reporting and after-sales support for the customer.

Also, as an Technical and Commercial Engineer at DV GROUP, I work with a wide range of customers with different industrial processes and requirements. This means that customers approach me on short-term matters, such as breakdowns or urgent repairs, as well as medium or long-term issues, for example Engineering and Control projects. It is very rewarding!

Can you describe the steps from making an appointment to working with the client?

Once the appointment has been arranged, I prepare my visit to the customer’s premises in advance by gathering the necessary documents (presentations, sales brochures, current quotes, purchase orders, etc.). On the day of the visit, I analyze the environment, especially safety so that our technicians can work without incident. Then, I assess the actions that need to be undertaken in order to measure the degree of urgency. This analysis helps me do the cost estimate. When we have the agreement, I send the file to the technical service which takes over and carries out the intervention. Afterwards, I follow up with the client to assess the service provided. 

How does one become a commercial sales person in the industry?

After completing my electrical and technical high school diploma, I obtained my DUT (University Technology Degree) in industrial engineering and maintenance (GIM) then a diploma in the commercial sales of industrial equipment and services (CESI). So this enabled me to acquire dual skills and combine the world of industry with that of commercial sales. I did two internships which helped me discover the professional environment. The first of these was in an company specializing in automotive equipment and the other in an advertising display company. These two experiences confirmed my choice of orientation and helped me make the choice to remain in the world of industry. This is how I became part of the DV GROUP.

What qualities do you need to become a Technical and Commercial Engineer?

Being available and being close at hand are essential qualities for a Technical and Commercial Engineer. Being close to the customer helps with interaction and allows for an accurate response to their needs. I have to make myself available and be responsive, in order to fulfill my missions. This is true for all commercial salespeople, but especially true at DV GROUP. We work with companies that are experiencing breakdowns which are affecting their production and if they aren’t resolved immediately, they could damage the economic health of the business.

Then you have to add discipline and organization. I juggle several activities at the same time and interact with a wide range of partners. Depending on the company’s organization, its size, activity and the project, I have to communicate with people from a range of different backgrounds. I might be working with their maintenance, purchasing, store supplies, or methodology offices. It is imperative that I’m in contact with the right person, that I adhere to fixed deadlines and send the files on time to the internal technical teams.

Obviously, being at ease with spoken communication and customer relations are the keys to success for any salesperson.

Why work at DV GROUP?

The dynamics of the group! Over the past 13 years, I’ve been able to see it evolve. We have gone from 130 staff in 2007 to 250 today. It’s a company that invests resources into achieving its objectives, both in terms of material and human investments. There’s real trust between staff and management at DV GROUP For me, this allows me to work independently and evolve.

What do you appreciate most about your job?

What I appreciate the most is the customer relationship. It’s really pleasing to see their satisfaction when we’ve found solutions. Over the years, we build connections and establish real partnerships. There are certain people I’ve been working with for 10 years! Sometimes we look back and recall certain remarkable services. Then, there’s no monotony in this job. Everything is different: the contacts, the activity sectors, and the services I work with.

Where do you see yourself later on?

I see my future within the group performing complementary missions. Even today, my position has evolved, and I’m now supporting a colleague on developing the Wallonia area. I’m providing him with the correct methods he needs to succeed. I would very much like to have a managerial role while maintaining customer support!