Head of the predictive department

Edouard - 30 anni

photo collaborateur

Last April, after completing my degree in mechanical engineering and my PhD in vibration and acoustics, I joined DV GROUP as head of the Predictive Department.

My job involves several tasks, namely managing ten technicians (a team that will be strengthened in the very short term), developing the business activity through innovations that will allow it to become part of the industry of the future, and developing the technical benchmark by staying abreast of the latest predictive technologies and communicating them to my co-workers. I also work with our customers to ensure that this experience remains “in the field”.

To be a good predictive expert, you must be curious, with a feel for innovation, analytical skills and good interpersonal relations, as human contact is part of our day-to-day work. When asked why I chose to pursue my career at DV GROUP, I say that it was certainly not my dream to join this company that I knew very little about, but I was right to be interested. The group has proven itself in Europe, and is now heading into 4.0. I can hence utilise my interest and my knowledge in R&D and innovation to best serve the Group and our customers. The challenges involved are very motivating. I have found a position within a European Group that is a perfect fit, alongside experts who are local, accessible and who care!