Casos particulos 12 September 2023

ELOPAK: Corrective preventive electronic maintenance


Our client, a packaging manufacturer in the southwest of the Netherlands, is experiencing an increase in breakdowns on their machines equipped with Lenze servo-drives.


After investigation, we find that these drives are obsolete.

DV GROUP solution

We proposed to our client a corrective preventive workshop of all his drives.

In agreement with him, we proceeded by rotating 20 drives.

Arrival of the 20 modules in our workshops: Overhaul in less than 3 weeks : Delivery to the client

The client then exchanges his overhauled and corrected drives with those installed in his machines, then sends us a new batch… Until the complete overhaul of his 120 drives!


Le ofrecemos soluciones de ingeniería, mantenimiento y control basadas en nuestro conocimiento de sus procesos.

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