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Optimise your electrical performance and pilot your energy consumption


Dv group energy monitoring is

An offer for the analysis of the corrective action and industrial solution proposals appropriate for your production units

Support in setting up an approach for energy improvement

Recognised expertise in electrical auditing and electro-magnetic accounting


Diagnostics / Quality-Availability

The industrial world is more and more subject to disruption, while integrating more and more sensitive equipment.

Network analysis is the solution for diagnosing random breakdowns, transient faults or the recurrent and unexplained destruction of equipment.

Owing to their level of expertise, our engineers and technicians integrate solutions compliant with EMC standards.

Our services:

  • Power analysis
  • Network impedance
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Distortion rates

We carry out services on: your electrical and electronic equipment, controlled rectifiers, transformers and motors and then send you an appraisal report with implementation of specific corrective action (filtering, network topology modification).

In this context, we are the sole partner of France Shaffner – Power Quality Products:


Energy management

Energy management is a step implementing strategies and practices aimed at optimising the consumption and use of energy in industrial operations. The main objective is to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and minimise the environmental impact associated with industrial production.


An audit is your company’s “energy photo”.

  • It is a question of evaluating energy consumption and the energy efficiency of industrial installations in order to identify potential areas for improvement.
  • The energy audit allows energy flows to be quantified, to identify sources of waste and to propose corrective measures.
  • The audit is a basis on which you can build your energy efficiency strategy.

DV GROUP also helps you go further in your energy approach with a regulatory objective. Draw up and apply your energy policy, thanks to the advice from our DV GROUP experts. You can set objectives, targets and action plans which take into account the demands of new regulations such as the Tertiary Decree and even claim certifications such as ISO 50001.


SMART ENERGY is DV GROUP’s software solution which will allow you to have a complete view of your site’s energy consumption. You can monitor your consumption of:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Temperature
  • Air
  • And the quality of your network.

With our modular, agile, scalable SMART ENERGY solution, you can:

  • Significantly reduce your energy consumption (5 to 10%, according to the ADEME model)
  • Set up efficient energy steering for your production equipment
  • Define your energy performance indicators (EPI)
  • Take advantage of partial or total financing for this type of project, thanks to EDF’s EEC mechanisms
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations, such as the Tertiary Decree.


Beyond the setting up of the vertical feedback of your energy consumption, we can help you formulate customised areas for improvement in order to make even more savings with:


We can ensure the maintenance of SMART ENERGY operation and availability.

You can benefit from the expertise and availability of our experts


We create alarms and notifications in relation to thresholds defined together, measure the results and draw up energy reports.


We propose areas for improvement in order to better control your energy management. An Energy Manager monitors and analyses your consumption and correlates them with your production.



Modelling – Simulation: new machines and new sources

We extend the life of your electrical network within the context of the progress of your factory’s charges, sources and operation modes and simulate the behaviour of the electrical network according to feared or scheduled events:

  • New process equipment
  • New sources of energy (co-generation, biomass, solar, wind energy etc.)
  • Energy storage
  • EMC compliance
  • Adaptation of the electric network
  • Integration into a Smart Grid

Modelling – Simulation: HV / LV

Aim: modelling the behaviour of the electrical network according to feared events
  • Drops in voltage
  • Power flows
  • Short-circuit currents
  • Drops in voltage
  • Protection diagrams
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Network reliability
  • Transient electro-magnetics


This modelling and simulation is facilitated by the creation and use of a digital twin of the electrical network.




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